Apache with SSL, Building and Configuration

Apache with ssl support should be the basic platform for providing web services... There are several different implementations to choose from, some commercial (stronghold) and some open source (apache+ssl, apache+modssl). We've choseen to work with apache+ssl because the creators emphasize stability over new features (modssl).

As with squid, you can use the FreeBSD ports copy of apache, or build your own. Much of how you install and configure Apache will depend on how the server will be used.

Building apache today

We're going to build apache with two optional componets What is suexec? suexec is an Apache module which allows cgi programs to run as the user who put them in place rather than as the uid of the webserver (in this case nobody) This fixes some security problems and creates others.


For this build therefore, we need three components

Building OpenSSL

Uncompressing Apache and adding the SSL patch

Configuring and building Apache

This is the hairy bit(making a certificate)

Configuring Apache

The last couple steps



Apache HTTP server



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