The Domain Name System


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Table of Contents

The Domain Name System

Some DNS topics

What the Internet’s DNS is

A systematic namespace - the domain name space

Why use hierarchical names?

What are domain names used for?

Examples of domain names

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Different uses of the term “domain”

Other information mapped to domain names

Different people responsible for diff. parts

What is a zone? (1)

What is a zone? (diagram 1)

What is a zone? (2)

What is a zone? (diagram 2)

What is a zone? (3)

What is a zone? (diagram 3)

Information is associated with each domain name

General format of RRs

Several types of RRs

IP address for a host

Information needed by the DNS infrastructure itself

SOA record

NS record

SOA and NS record example

SOA and NS example using some shortcuts

More about RRs above and below zone cuts

Zone cut example - RRs in the child zone

Zone cut example - RRs in the parent zone

Hostname for an IP address

Information about mail routing

Alias to canonical name mapping

Free form text

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A set of conventions for using the information

The DNS is a distributed database system

What makes it a distributed database?

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How is data partitioned amongst the servers?

What about reliability?

DNS Protocols

What kinds of questions can clients ask?

What if the server does not know the answer?

Master and slave servers

Location of servers

Configuring a nameserver on a Unix-like system

named.boot example

named.conf example

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Best Practices

Best Practices

Best Practices

Checking for DNS correctness

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Author: A P Barrett

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