AFNOG 2002 Workshop

Track 1 - Scalable Network Services

This is part of the AFNOG 2002 Workshop, held in conjunction with the AFNOG meeting in Lome, Togo, in May 2002.

Timetable for the Scalable Network Services Track
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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
0830-1000 Workshop Intro [WT]
FreeBSD Tutorial [HA/JJ/NS]
Security [BC/HA] Squid [JJ/NS] Mail+Exim [BC/PH] Mail+Exim [BC/PH]
Tea Break
1030-1245 DNS [AA/WT] Security [BC/HA] Squid [JJ/NS] Mail+Exim [BC/PH] Mail+Exim [BC/PH]
1405-1530 DNS [AA/WT] Apache+SSL [JJ/NS] Mail+Exim [BC/PH] Mail+Exim [BC/PH] Mailing Lists [AB/HA]
Tea Break
1600-1830 DNS [AA/WT] Apache+SSL [JJ/NS] Mail+Exim [BC/PH] Mail+Exim [BC/PH] Mailing Lists [AB/HA]
Dinner Break
Evening Sessions DNS Excercises [AB/WT] FreeBSD Intro and Install Cont. [HA/JJ/NS] Mail+Exim Excercies [BC/PH] Mail+Exim Excercies [BC/PH]

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