Router Access:

To give you access to your router we have set up a console server. This is a router at the DNS name that has cables to the console ports on each of the routers. To access this router you will telnet to a specific port on the router. Group A's router is port 2001, to group P's router which is 2016.

As an example Group D would access their router by running

telnet 2004

The console server will prompt you for a username and password. The username to use is afnog and password afnog.

When you authenticate successfully the console will just sit there waiting for you to press an extra Enter key so the console on the actual router you wanted to reach will respond.

PC Access:

We have set up clients in each group (A - P) that are virtualized servers with VLANS so we can avoid the requirement that each group has a PC in addition to the already provided router.

You shall access the computer in your group using VNC.


The downside of this method is you require a VNC Client.

Obtain one from:

Once installed, you need to connect to your virtual machine to the vnc server running on Each virtual machine can be reached on a port: (Group A's client is on port 5901, group B 5902, ... group P 5916).

The VNC password is 'sie' (minus the quotes).

To login you will need to use the username afnog and password afnog as is in the introduction presentation slide deck. The root password is afnog also as is in the introduction presentation.

Cheat Sheet

This section surmarises the information in the previous sections:

console server:
virtual machine host:
Group Router Host & Console Port VNC Host & VM Port
A 2001 5901
B 2002 5902
C 2003 5903
D 2004 5904
E 2005 5905
F 2006 5906
G 2007 5907
H 2008 5908
I 2009 5909
J 2010 5910
K 2011 5911
L 2012 5912
M 2013 5913
N 2014 5914
O 2015 5915
P 2016 5916