Scaleable Web Services

SQUID - HTTP Proxy Cache Server

This is my cache:

4.03 Million requests a day (this is one box)

That was last week, this week 5.6 Million requests on Tuesday, 6 Million on Friday, 2.5 Million of those requests resulted in cache hits.

This time Last year, 1.02 Million requests.

Ok so now lets build something completely from sources...

lets take a look at the configuration file

Performance Tweaking of FreeBSD


Soft updates is (now) built into the generic kernel of FreeBSD. 4.3 will allow you to select filesystems to run with softupdates during the install, 4.2 won't. So now all you need to do is enable them on a per-filesystem basis.

Why is softupdates important?

Configuring Softupdates

DiskD and Squid

What is DiskD? DiskD is a feature new to Squid 2.4 it creates a child process for each cache filesystem in order to keep the Squid cache processes from blocking on writes. In the 2nd NLANR cache bakeoff this resulted in a 4-fold improvement in the performance of the squid boxes on FreeBSD

Configuring The kernel for DiskD

What does DiskD require from the kernel?

FreeBSD has both on by default, however paramaters need to be tweaked. Then configure, and recompile your kernel

Setting up clients


via autoconf files

via wpad

Squid and WebCache Related resources

WPAD and autoconfiguration related standards work

FreeBSD handbook, building a custom kernel

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