AfNOG 2005 Workshop on Network Technology

Track E2 - Scalable Network Infrastructure

Detailed Course Outline

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Day organisation

The workshop runs from Monday to Friday.

Each day is divided into four slots of approximately two hours each. Classes start promptly at 08:45 and end at around 18:15 daily. There will be a one-hour break for lunch at around 13:00, and 15-minute breaks in mid-morning and mid-afternoon. There may be optional evening sessions from 20:00 to 22:00 on some days.

In summary, the classes will use approximately the following time slots. These times are not exact.

Related documents

In addition to this detailed course outline, there is a summary timetable showing the entire course at a glance.

The Track E2 main page will also be of interest.

Monday morning

Monday afternoon

Monday evening - Optional sessions

Tuesday morning

Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday evening - Optional sessions

Wednesday morning

Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday evening - Optional sessions

Thursday morning

Thursday afternoon

Thursday evening - Optional sessions

Friday morning

Friday afternoon

Friday evening

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