AfNOG 2009 Workshop on Network Technology

Track SA-E — Unix System Administration

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This course on Unix System Administration is part of the AfNOG 2009 Workshop on Network Technology, held in conjunction with the AfNOG meeting in Cairo, Egypt from 11-15 May, 2009.

Overall objective: After attending this track, students will be able to install, upgrade, secure and competently manage the Unix operating system on standard PC hardware, and use it to provide essential Internet services on a network. It is aimed at students who are technically competent but may have had little or no prior exposure to the Unix environment.

Who should attend: Technical staff who are now providing Internet Services, or those who will be involved in the establishment and/or provisioning of basic national Internet Services in the country.

Prerequisites: Experience in managing PCs and installing software (such as installing the 'Windows' operating system), but not necessarily Unix. Some prior Unix/Linux experience would be of great benefit.

Course Documents



  • Hervey Allen (Chile/USA)
  • Patrick Okui (Uganda)


  • Didier Gbai (Cote D' Ivoire)
  • Serge Illunga Kabwika (DRC)
  • Mam Dawda GAI (Gambia)
  • Abdul-Rahman Muhammed (Ghana)
  • Glenn Edwin Bosrotsi (Ghana)
  • Duksh Kumar Koonjoobeeharry (Mauritius)
  • Musa Adamu Hassan (Nigeria)
  • Simon Msafiri Belthazar (Tanzania)
  • Farida Nakawooya (Uganda)

Book List

With thanks to O'Reilly Media, Cisco Press, the Wireless Networking in the Developing World project and the Network Startup Resource Center for books for the AfNOG 2009 workshops.