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AFNOG 2001 Workshop

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Scalable Services Infrastructure

This is part of the AFNOG 2001 Workshop, held in conjunction with the AFNOG meeting in Accra, Ghana, in May 2001.


This detailed course outline contains many links to presentation materials used during class, and to external documents.

A simplified course outline simply contains major topic headings.

A timetable shows the entire course at a glance.



Each day is divided into four slots of approximately two hours each. Classes start promptly at 08:30 and end at around 18:00 daily. There will be a one-hour break for lunch at around 13:00, and 20-minute breaks in mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

Monday morning

Monday afternoon

Monday evening - Optional sessions

Tuesday morning

Tuesday afternoon

Tuesday evening - Optional sessions

Wednesday morning

Wednesday afternoon

Wednesday evening - Optional sessions

Thursday morning

Thursday afternoon

Thursday evening - Optional sessions

Friday morning

Friday afternoon


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