AfNOG 2017 Workshop on Network Technology

Track CN-E

Wireless for Community Networks

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This course on wireless for Community Networks is part of the AfNOG 2017 Workshop on Network Technology, held in conjunction with the Africa Internet Summit in Nairobi, Kenya, in May/June 2017.

We use hands-on training in a well-equipped classroom over a three-day period to teach skills required for designing, specifying, configuring, operating and supporting low cost wireless community networks

The topics covered include:

1. Intro to Telecommunications: signals, amplitude, power, frequency, phase, noise, spectrum, bandwidth, signal to noise ratio. Modulation. Medium access techniques. Channel capacity.

2. Wave propagation: attenuation, absorption, reflection, refraction.

3. Antenna and transmission lines fundamentals: gain, loss, connector and adaptors types, dB, dBi, dBm, radiation pattern, beamwidth, vertical and horizontal polarization. Omnidirectional, directive and sectorial antennas. Antenna alignment techniques.

4. Wireless standards and protocols: WiFi networking architecture, access points and clients. LAN and WAN, Point to Point and Point to Multipoint, MAC and IP addresses. APs and clients: configuration, security.

5. Network planning. Software aids for radio networks planning: BotRf and spectrum analysis tools. Link budget calculation: free space loss, EIRP, receiver sensitivity, Fresnel zone, earth bulge, link margin. Site survey and outdoors installations. Long distance links requirements.

Who should attend: Community Network Operators from Africa

Prerequisites: Basic networking background including; TCP/IP, IP addressing and routing protocols. Basic knowledge



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