AfNOG E0 - Detailed Course Outline

AfNOG 2006 Workshop on Network Technology

Track E0 - Unix System Administration

Detailed Course Outline

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General Objectives

After attending this track students will be able to:
In addition they will be taught concepts such as:
Resources needed

(HA) Hervey Allen, USA/Chile
(JA) Joe Abley, Canada (Invited speaker)
(NS) Noah Sematimba, Uganda
(PO) Patrick Okui, Uganda
(PR) Phil Reganuld, Denmark


Session 1: Introduction to Unix (Hervey Allen)
OpenDocument | OpenOffice | PowerPoint
Handout: PDF (6-up) | PS .gz (6-up)
FreeBSD command reference: OpenOffice | PDF 1-up | PDF 2-up | PS .gz 1-up | PS .gz 2-up Topics:

Session 2: FreeBSD installation practical (Noah Sematimba)

Session 3: Introductory administration (Patrick Okui)
Presentation: OpenDocument
Handout: PDF | PS .gz

Session 4: Tour of Unix basics (Phil Regnauld)
Presentation: OpenOffice
Handout: PDF (2-up) |
Exercises: OpenDocument | PDF (2-up) |
For each session include the commands you need to see the current state (e.g. ps and top, ls -l) and to change the current state (e.g. kill, rm). Some of this may be trimmed...


Session 1: Security introduction (Hervey Allen)
Presentation: OpenDocument
Handout: OpenOffice | PDF (6-up) | PS .gz (6-up) | PowerPoint |
Option exercises: [Dir]
Session 2: IP basics (Patrick Okui)
Presentation: OpenOffice
Handout: PDF | PS .gz

Session 3: System startup and recovery (Hervey Allen)
Presentation: OpenOffice
Handout: PDF | PS .gz
Exercise: Text | HTML | PDF | PS .gz
Session 4: Building Unix software (Phil Regnauld)
Presentation: OpenOffice
Handout: PDF
Exercise 1: OpenOffice | PDF
Exercise 2: OpenOffice | PDF
Exercise 3: OpenOffice | PDF


Session 1: Updating the system (Patrick Okui)

Presentation: OpenOffice
Handout: PDF | PS .gz

Session 2: Installing and upgrading applications through ports (Noah Sematimba)
OpenOffice | PDF

Session 3: Security Revisited: Cryptography (Hervey Allen)
Presentation: OpenOffice
Handout: PDF | PS .gz
SSH Exercise: HTML | PDF | PS .gz Session 4: DNS an introduction (Phil Regnauld)

Presentation: OpenOffice | PDF
Exercices: OpenOffice | PDF

o DNS Session-1 (Fundamentals):
	* DNS Materials.
	* Goal: to understand overall purpse and structure of DNS
	   + IP addresses vs. names
	   + DNS as a distributed, hierarchical database
	   + Domain names and resource records:
	     - A, PTR, MX, CNAME, TXT, SOA/NS
	   + Domain name lookup responses
	   + Reverse DNS
	   + DNS as client-server model
	     - Resolver
	     - Cache
	     - Authoritative server
	   + Testing DNS (dig)
	   + Understanding output from dig 
	   + Practical Exercises:
	     - Configure Unix resolver
	     - Use dig { A, other (e.g. MX), non-existent answer, reverse lookup }
	     - Use tcpdump to show queries being sent to cache


Session 1: PGP Introduction (Joe Abley)

Session 2: A simple Unix server: Apache (Noah Sematimba)

Session 4: Applying crypto on a Unix server (Noah Sematimba)

Session 5: E-mail (Noah Sematimba)
Internet Mail presentation: OpenDocument | OpenOffice | PowerPoint | PDF (4-up) | PS .gz (4-up)

Session 6: building a basic mail server (Patrick Okui)
Handout: HTML


Session 1: pop3, imap, secure authentication (Hervey Allen)

Exercises for Maildir, Courier POP/IMAP, SqWebMail: HTML | PDF | PS .gz

Secure Authentication

Presentation: [OpenDocument | OpenOffice | PDF | PS .gz 4-up]

Session 2: webmail and virtual mailboxes (Patrick Okui)
Handout: HTML | PDF | PS .gz Session 3: mirroring and backup (Phil Regnauld)
Handouts: Backups: [OpenOffice | PDF] Mirroring: [OpenOffice | PDF]

Session 4: scalability, monitoring and performance tuning (Phil Regnauld)
Handout: OpenDocument | PDF
Session 5: Summary, thank you!, and evaluations (Hervey, Patrick, Noah, Phil)